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Fund raising rally for Ukraine
April 2 - 5 Metro Detroit locations!

Ukraine Support Accelerated (USA) is an all volunteer nonprofit organization that is providing humanitarian aid and support to the people of Ukraine. The organization has already raised and distributed more than one million dollars worth of relief.

Ukraine Support Accelerated (USA) is setting set up 5 donor rallies Metro Detroit, Saturday April 2, please stop by to donate and support for the Ukrainian people.

Everyone is welcome to attend.  We need volunteers!  If interested in volunteering, follow the button below.

All Donations made at the rally will make it to the people of Ukraine within 7 days.

Many folks are afraid to volunteer because they don’t think they have the skills. 

We all have the SKILLS

Volunteer opportunities include:

Future Event Organizers
Volunteer Coordination
Community Organizers
People on the ground

We’ll find something for you!

Stay In TOuch

Phone: 810-588-4058

PO Box 1872
Brighton MI, 48116

US Supports, Inc. has applied for IRS Section 501(c)3 status, which would exempt the organization for taxation on contributions received. It is the intention of the organization to operate for public purposes under IRS Section 170(c) to qualify any donation as a charitable deduction.

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